Building the future of freelancing together

UnderPinned is the go-to platform for freelancers, offering end-to-end support. From alleviating the administrative burden through innovative technology and partnerships to improving education and networking through a highly curated community experience. UnderPinned is focussed on building the future of freelancing so freelancers can focus on building the career they want.

Our Background

Founded in 2018, UnderPinned wants to be more than an app; we want to be a community too. From our offices in Bethnal Green, we have maintained a culture that strives to change the way the disparate and difficult freelance world operates.

The Virtual Office

The UnderPinned Virtual Office is your one-stop freelance career management portal, it is the beating heart of UnderPinned. An easy to use cloud-based hub built to help you find work, manage your work, and get paid. It’s as simple as that - from Portfolios to Project Management, Invoicing and Contracts to educational tools and support services, the Virtual Office has got you covered. UnderPinned also works with a wide range of specially selected partners to offer all the support your career needs from helplines to work spaces to insurance.

The Ground Floor

At the heart of UnderPinned’s community is the freelance accelerator and community space called The Ground Floor. A big open plan office, shared working, events, and educational space designed to support freelancers in every aspect of their career. With a rich line-up of educational, showcasing, and networking events, The Ground Floor is a true community space for freelancers who can often feel isolated.

The Magazine

Focused on work, lifestyle, and culture, UnderPinned publishes exclusive content for the freelance community through its online magazine. UnderPinned is the authority on all things freelance and the magazine is a dedicated platform for freelance media. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, from tips and tricks to in depth educational pieces, from cultural reviews and showcases to news and updates on freelance political news.

The Community

UnderPinned is a non-partisan network of engaged freelancers, industry leading companies, useful services, and relevant products. UnderPinned is highly engaged with community building to help freelancers’ network, access education and tools, and have a voice in the future of work. UnderPinned engages the community on three tiers:

  1. A network of engaged freelancers and companies that work with freelancers
  2. Industry leading companies that support freelancers
  3. Industry leading thinkers and governmental bodies who are working towards the future of freelancing.

Albert Azis-Clauson

Co-founder & CEO

Leading from the front, Albert’s passion, drive, and commitment to the community is the engine pushing UnderPinned forward.

Jack Williams

Co-Founder, Creative Director & Editor-in-Chief

Jack is the all-seeing content man with an inordinate ability to seek out interesting, useful, and insightful narratives and deliver an unforgettable media experience.

Charlie Freduah


The weird and wonderful world of deep tech is a strange place for most of us, but for Charlie, it is where he feels at home. A brilliant mind that comes up with the most difficult questions that make sure the UnderPinned tech is as secure and well made as possible.

Louis Morgan

Head of Product

From design to delivery, Louis’ painstaking attention to detail is as present in his product development as it is in perfectly quaffed hair.

Julia Bancilhon

Head of Design

From France to England a tour de force in design, Julia is a certified trendsetter. Julia has set a new benchmark for form and aesthetic and her ambition to push boundaries is matched by her constant efforts to improve environmental sustainability at the UnderPinned HQ.

Lea Bernetic

Head of Brand, Marketing, and Social

Cool, calm, and collected, Lea is the in-house fashionista and woman on the ground at every UnderPinned event. You’ve never seen a spreadsheet till you’ve seen one of Lea’s, she is the queen of crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

Patrick Chamberlain

Head of Video Production

The idea of spending a day in Patrick’s head is terrifying, but luckily, he does it everyday to produce the creative brilliance that is the UnderPinned film content. If you ever want to laugh for an hour straight, sit down with Patrick.

Emily Murray


Emily is as kind and caring as she is meticulous and creative. The frontline in the charm offensive, Emily will make sure you feel at home at the UnderPinned HQ, whether she’s interviewing you or guiding you through your freelance career with hard hitting content.

Joao Viana

Frontend Developer

Designing soundscape environments in his academic life, Joao brings disciplined diligence to developing showstopping functionality in the Virtual Office. With a keen eye for detail, Joao brings quick fire compliments to the team to make sure everyone starts and finishes their day feeling good about themselves.

Olivia Hardy

Copy Writer

There’s no team without a little sas, and Olivia is proud to bring a srpinkling. One of the hardest working individuals you will ever meet, if Lea is crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, Olivia is making sure they’re in the right place so you have the best chance in your freelance career.


It can seem like a lonely path, but we’re here to help. We’re building the future of freelancing, together. Would you like to join us?

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