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We exist to give your students a chance at freelance success

What can we offer your students?

Whether you students need access to software, one-on-one help via our Q&A’s, or a guiding hand in educational steps to build and improve their business, UnderPinned has built a system to help your students build successful freelance businesses


UnderPinned’s design team will create flyers, posters, and any other personalised designed asset to share with your students so your team won’t have to do the designing themselves.

Social Media

Are socials the best way to get in touch with your students? We’ll design them for you too! Just click the button below to email

UnderPinned Assets

Not sure what you need to get your students started with UnderPinned? Send us a message and we can put you on the right track

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Want us to help your students build better freelance businesses?

Odds are all your students need is confidence

And we can give it to them. Your students will never go about building their business alone. We don’t just offer in person time via our events, we can work with your students across multiple different platforms.

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Talk to the team live Monday to Friday, 9-5


We post regular content to help your students learn more on a platform that is relevant for them. You can also message us directly via the platform!


Sometimes, the old ways are best. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, who are available 5 days a week to help you and your students get the most out of our program


We offer a support group for students via Whatsapp for them to have a space to ask us questions and learn