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UnderPinned doesn’t only offer you tech. Building your business means having the knowledge and resources at your disposal to guide you through the many choices you’ll have to make. UnderPinned offers videos, written guides, and coaching to help freelancers make the right choices for their business, as well as access to a diverse network of freelancers to help guide you.

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"An amazing and versatile platform that has helped me organise myself, my work, my clients as well as keep me connected and up to date with the world of freelancing."

Karen Ftouni, Photographer

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UnderPinned uses a combination of tech, education, and community support to help freelancers looking to grow their business from a passion into a success

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UnderPinned isn’t about gigs, and it’s not a recruitment platform. We give freelancers all the tools they need to find leads, nail them down, and get paid from doing them. We’re not just here to find you work; we’re here to make your career a reality.

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Articles 25/02/2021
Do late fees even work?

I’ve been a freelancer for five years, and at the end of every single one of my invoices, there’s a piece of text I’ve never actually used. “Please...

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Articles 19/02/2021
Client red flags to look out for – and how to just say ‘no’

“We’re looking at a payment pie model, where everyone gets a slice of the profits once this thing takes off.’ Oh no. Oh dear. As a freelancer, you’...

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Articles 18/02/2021
The Truth About Freelance Job Ads

Whether you’re looking for a one-off gig or a part-time role, applying for jobs and bidding for contracts isn’t easy. What is easy is trawling thro...

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Articles 12/02/2021
How voluntary work can strengthen a freelancer’s portfolio

In 2020, as the very first lockdown was announced and I started to worry about how life was going to change, I felt like I needed to do something t...

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