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UnderPinned doesn’t only offer you tech. Building your business means having the knowledge and resources at your disposal to guide you through the many choices you’ll have to make. UnderPinned offers videos, written guides, and coaching to help freelancers make the right choices for their business, as well as access to a diverse network of freelancers to help guide you.

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"An amazing and versatile platform that has helped me organise myself, my work, my clients as well as keep me connected and up to date with the world of freelancing."

Karen Ftouni, Photographer

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What does UnderPinned do?

UnderPinned uses a combination of tech, education, and community support to help freelancers looking to grow their business from a passion into a success

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UnderPinned isn’t about gigs, and it’s not a recruitment platform. We give freelancers all the tools they need to find leads, nail them down, and get paid from doing them. We’re not just here to find you work; we’re here to make your career a reality.

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Articles 15th October 2020
Cover letters: Should freelancers have to write them?

As freelancers there are many things we can say ‘goodbye’ to when we choose not to live in the ‘real work world’. Rude or controlling bosses, askin...

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Day in the Life 13th October 2020
Alternative Rock Band Bisou Noir

After meeting as film extras, Toby Spynzk and Milo Burgess form half of Bisou Noir, an alternative rock band inspired by 2000s icons The Red Hot Ch...

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Freelancer of the week 12th October 2020
With a niche in black hair and culture, Writer Maxine Harrison talks to us about why Root2Tip is one of her favourite clients

Maxine Harrison is a freelance writer with an interest in black hair and culture. She is also the founder of the Remi Reports blog – a blog helping...

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Articles 9th October 2020
Universities are failing to close the skills gap, especially when it comes to freelancing

Getting started as a freelancer isn’t easy. Self-employment requires getting to grips with a range of practical knowledge and skills that employed ...

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