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UnderPinned doesn’t only offer you tech. Building your business means having the knowledge and resources at your disposal to guide you through the many choices you’ll have to make. UnderPinned offers videos, written guides, and coaching to help freelancers make the right choices for their business, as well as access to a diverse network of freelancers to help guide you.

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"An amazing and versatile platform that has helped me organise myself, my work, my clients as well as keep me connected and up to date with the world of freelancing."

Karen Ftouni, Photographer

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UnderPinned uses a combination of tech, education, and community support to help freelancers looking to grow their business from a passion into a success

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UnderPinned isn’t about gigs, and it’s not a recruitment platform. We give freelancers all the tools they need to find leads, nail them down, and get paid from doing them. We’re not just here to find you work; we’re here to make your career a reality.

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Articles 07/01/2021
How freelancers can use cold emailing to attract new clients

Have you ever written an email to someone you’ve never met before, asking them for something? It’s tough; cold emails can feel pretty d...

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Articles 18/12/2020
Using SEO to Pitch Blog Posts

Are you a passionate writer? Have you crafted a healthy hair routine? Are you always researching the latest hair trends? If you’ve answered yes to ...

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Articles 17/12/2020
Are freelancers right to challenge the growth mindset?

Freelancing is often a paradox of perspectives. To many members of the public, freelancing is an ‘in-between’ career choice – not something to be r...

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Articles 11/12/2020
Freelancing in Lockdown 2

Back in April when we were in the sourdough bread and Zoom quiz stage of lockdown, I spoke to four freelancers about how the global pandemic had im...

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