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UnderPinned doesn’t only offer you tech. Building your business means having the knowledge and resources at your disposal to guide you through the many choices you’ll have to make. UnderPinned offers videos, written guides, and coaching to help freelancers make the right choices for their business, as well as access to a diverse network of freelancers to help guide you.

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"An amazing and versatile platform that has helped me organise myself, my work, my clients as well as keep me connected and up to date with the world of freelancing."

Karen Ftouni, Photographer

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UnderPinned uses a combination of tech, education, and community support to help freelancers looking to grow their business from a passion into a success

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UnderPinned isn’t about gigs, and it’s not a recruitment platform. We give freelancers all the tools they need to find leads, nail them down, and get paid from doing them. We’re not just here to find you work; we’re here to make your career a reality.

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Articles 19/11/2020
Baby Boomer Freelancer

In recent years, the ‘typical’ contemporary freelancer has come to be seen as a young urbanite, hustling from job to job from the confines of a hot...

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Articles 16/11/2020
The UP & HO, HO, HO Xmas Stocking Grant is saving Christmas, for real

Christmas is meant to be an event unlike any other, a period when work is put to one side and we are asked to slow down and consider the important ...

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Articles 13/11/2020
Drawing the line on the extra mile

Ironically, the day after I was asked to write this article, a fairly new client messaged me at 6 PM on a Friday to ask if I’d be able to write 700...

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Day in the Life 11/11/2020
Hair Colourist Jess Barber-Cruz

Jess Barber-Cruz is her name and hair-bleaching is her game. @jessbcruz is a fearless Colourist who celebrates individuality and facilitates bold l...

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