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Build Proposals and Portfolios that close clients and build your Network, all while managing your Contacts.

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Stay on top of your work management with Tasks and Notes, so you can be organised from end to end.

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Create, send, and manage Invoices with a few clicks. Make Contracts to do work securely in under 2 minutes and enjoy commission free electronic payments!

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24/7 tax, legal, and mental health helplines

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Freelance management is a nightmare. Our end-to-end system makes it easy.

No one ever teaches you to handle your business admin as a freelancer; you have to learn to do it yourself. The Virtual Office is designed exclusively for freelancers to easily organise and manage everything from portfolios and proposals to contracts and invoicing.

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Find inspiration in the freelance lifestyle!

Our content is created specifically with you in mind, and is not just educational and lifestyle oriented, but tailored specifically to give you the advice and help you need to grow.

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Be part of an engaged and diverse community

Our events and workshops are perfect for learning more about the issues freelancers and contractors face, as well as for meeting other potential collaborators and people to work with.

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Did you know?


Only 35% of freelancers feel they have the tools to adequately show off their skills


80% of freelancers have been paid late at least once, and a third are paid late regularly

Our Team

Meet the team of people making it happen

Albert Azis-Clauson
Albert Azis-Clauson.png

Albert Azis-Clauson,
CEO & Founder

Jack Williams
Jack Williams.png

Jack Williams,
Creative Director & Founder

Charles Freduah
Charles Freduah.png

Charles Freduah,
Chief Technology Officer

Lea Bernetic
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Lea Bernetic,
Head of Marketing

Louis Morgan
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Louis Morgan,
Head of Product

Julia Bancilhon
Julia Bancilhon.png

Julia Bancilhon,
Head of Design

Emily Murray
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Emily Murray,
Head of Community

Patrick Chamberlain
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Patrick Chamberlain,
Head of Videography