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Find Work

Your connections and your ability to show your work are two of the most important aspects of your freelance career. Our Virtual Office gives you the ability to build and manage your contacts and send them up-to-date and beautiful proposals and portfolios.

Portfolio / Proposals

Build, store, and share easy to create portfolios with custom templates that your clients won’t be able to ignore


Find like minded and freelancers and potential hirers in our network

Manage Work

How do you stay on top of your work? Our work management tools give you the ability to track tasks, make and set appointments, and to keep track of your ideas.


Keep track of everything you need to do and organise it easily with Tasks


Never forget your next million dollar idea with our Notes system


When was payment for that invoice due again? Never forget an important freelance date with our calendar, linked to your invoice and contracts system automatically

Track my Work

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Project Management

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Get Paid On Time

So, what do you do once you’ve finished your work? You wait (probably for too long) to get paid. Our Contracts and Invoicing system will help you handle your payments so you can get paid on time while protecting your intellectual property and keeping you secure.


Easy to set up and send to clients, and easy for them to pay too. Everything a freelancer could ever want in an invoicing system


Never feel unsafe working with a client again.

With access to partners' tools including

24/7 tax, legal, and mental health helplines
Best-in-class insurance
Free commercial legal protection

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