Our way of showing off the skills our fantastic community, our showcases range from the stupendous to the absurd, but all of them are spectacular.

Freelancer of the Month

Miri Lopez and Stewart Bywater

 Miri Lopez: My name is Miri Lopez. I am a 22-year-old, London based musician and I have been playing the piano, guitar, and singing for around 12 ...

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Hussain Manawer and Christian Foley

Hussain Manawer: My name is Hussain Manawer, and I am a poet. Drawing inspiration from Mike Skinner, JK Rowling, and Tupac Shakur, it was the many ...

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Becky O’Brien and Edwin Louis

Becky O’Brien: Originally from Ireland, I am a London based Choreographer and dance artist. My work varies from body-based performance to cho...

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