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The UP & HO, HO, HO Xmas Stocking Grant is saving Christmas, for real

Christmas is meant to be an event unlike any other, a period when work is put to one side and we are asked to slow down and consider the important things such as our family and friends and the people in our lives. Our associations and understanding of it are usually similar, with open fires, extravagant food, and time to nap. 

But this year is going to be very different, and because of that the call to “Shop Small” has been prevalent across social media. We want to push this message as much as we can, and help support the little store with the big ideas. 

So, our Christmas UP & HO, HO, HO Xmas Stocking Grant will be just for the little guys, the freelancer and one to two person businesses that need a little help during this Christmas season. 

We want to help support you and show the world why you have the perfect stocking filler that people should be buying this Christmas, and will be shouting about the best entries on our Instagram Page!


Who can apply and when?

If you’re a one to two person freelance business, over the age of 18 and operate in the UK, all while having a kick-ass stocking present product or service to sell, this is your chance to receive a grant of £500! Read below to see how to apply 👇

Please be aware, this scheme is exclusive to our Virtual Office members only. The Virtual Office is free, so join today and you can apply as soon as you are a part. 

Applications open on 16th November and close on 11th December at midnight.


How do I apply?

  1. Build a portfolio on the Virtual Office sharing what ultimate Christmas presents you are offering. This could be a selection of your work or a specific product or service.
  2. Explain why your product or service is the perfect Christmas present people should be buying for their friends and family (entice your customers and clients to buy from YOU)
  3. Tag your portfolio with: UP&HO2020
  4. Make sure your portfolio has been published, and not saved as a draft or kept private.
  5. Five applications will be shortlisted based on judging by the UnderPinned team. They will then be submitted to the next round, and judged by Sinead Koehler of Crafty Fox Markets. 


How will I know if I’ve won?

The one winner will be notified by email. We will also announce the winning portfolio on 14th December on our Instagram page (@_underpinned) and in our newsletter.



It wouldn’t be Christmas without an Advent Calendar. So we’ve decided to build our own!

Every week day from 1st-14th December there will be a new prize to be won! 

The UP Advent Calendar will be inside the UnderPinned Freelance Community Facebook Group, so make sure you join today so you don’t miss out!


Let’s all make sure we support small businesses this Christmas, and if you are a small or micro business, this grant is for you!

Click here to go directly to the Virtual Office and start making your UnderPinned Portfolio! 

Good luck, and a very Merry Christmas to you!

Love, The UnderPinned Team x

We champion the freelancers and every entrepreneur who took a leap of faith with their idea.

If this sounds like you, head over to our Virtual Office and send us your best work via an UnderPinned Portfolio. We want to hear from you!

Make your UP portfolio

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