Showcasing the best of the UP Community: Tal Imagor and Rosalie Bell.

Tal Imagor

My name’s Tal Imagor and I’m a writer. I got my very first freelancing gig straight out of college. My digital journalism teacher was also the deputy editor of a national online publication at the time and arranged an interview for me with the tourism section. While I ended up becoming a full-time editor myself, I turned back to freelancing when I moved to London. 

My first client in the UK hired me to do some translations through Upwork, and that role kept evolving with every month that passed; first, into article writing, then into newsletters, managing several social media accounts and even spearheading a 100-page report surveying the state of the global startup ecosystem. I learned most of what I know about freelancing by working with that client and gained great experience.

I now move between journalism and content writing (with a smidge of social media management) for clients from the HR field, fashion, education and more. Recently, I started writing for Maddyness, which focuses on the startup industry in the UK, and I find that work incredibly fulfilling.

I get to explore and promote topics I find greatly important, such as mental health and inclusion, and I get to interview fascinating people. If I had to choose the one thing I enjoy most about my work, it’s learning new things and expanding my knowledge.

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Rosalie Bell

Hi, I’m Rosalie Bell and I’m a freelance dance artist based in London. I graduated from London Studio Centre in 2015 where I specialised in contemporary dance.

Since then, I have worked on a rich variety of creative interdisciplinary projects. Previous work includes Burberry x Holly Blakey for LFW, Pan Daijing at the Tate Tanks, Hannah Perry at Somerset House, Will Pham at Royal Academy of Art, and various music videos.

I have been lucky enough to work both in the UK and internationally; in Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. I absolutely love to work with artists coming from alternative art forms as there is so much joy in experiencing different creative processes and coming together to create something really powerful. 

Being working class and coming from a mixed heritage background, I have always been extremely passionate about creative work which claims space and makes conversation surrounding race, class politics, and feminism.

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