Showcasing the best of the UP Community: Illustrators Andy Edwards and Alice L Clark.

Andy Edwards

I’m Andy, a UK based illustrator originally born in Wolverhampton, a land of hopes, dreams and the first place to introduce the automatic traffic light.

I am passionate about creating images using dynamic colour pallets and flowing shapes in my work to create a wide range of imagery, from dabbling in animation to intricate portraits and a whole host of things in between.

A big part of my practice is Portraiture and I have developed my skills over the years to get to a level where I can create a great likeness of anyone in my work. I largely target my work towards the editorial and commercial industry and am always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with people.

A current project I am working on is a delve into the world of comedy, showcasing some of the best writers, stand-ups and actors the UK has to offer, from greats like Billy Connolly to lesser-known people like Will Sharpe.

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Alice L Cark

Women. Food. Women with food. This is what you’ll see when you look at my work. That’s not to say I don’t draw other things but these are the subjects that really speak to me as an illustrator. I’m a huge foodie and also like to draw women how they truly are, be it tired, happy, sad, silly or even just hungry.

My name is Alice L Clark and I studied BA (Hons) Graphic Arts, specialising in Illustration, at the University of Southampton. I graduated in 2018 and, since then, have been working as a freelance illustrator part-time. My style developed out of a love for bright colours, smooth lines and aesthetically pleasing compositions.

To date, I’ve worked with the likes of The LA Times, Oh Comely Magazine and, more recently, local companies such as Errant Brewery. I have a real passion for editorial illustration but I’m now looking to branch out into packaging design, branding and more!

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