Every week we show the best of the UnderPinned Community, putting a spotlight on two freelancers whose work we believe deserves a special mention.

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Satvir Sihota, Illustrator

My name’s Satvir Sihota and I’m an Illustrator. My work tends to revolve around people. I love to draw and capture faces and expressions. I am a part-time Freelancer and full-time Multimedia Designer based in West London. Recently, I’ve discovered a joy for portraits as a freelancer, and I bring in multimedia design skills from time to time to animate a little or put my illustrations into a leaflet.

I have enjoyed working with Riive, a photography community, to create fun illustrations, which were used to promote their events. I also take on commissioned personal portraits. This has grown via word of mouth and through the help of Instagram.

I hope to be creating more illustrations in the future. I love to create my interpretation of a person’s face in a simple yet expressive way.

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Fern McCoy, Founder of Mockingbird Spirit

Hey, I’m Fern McCoy and I recently founded Mockingbird Spirit, a non-alcoholic Tequila alternative… or ‘Alcoternative’ as I like to fondly refer to it. I have been happily freelancing in the Beverage Sector since 2017 working in the world of gin. When the Corona Virus hit my hours were reduced significantly which meant I had more free time to focus on my own passions and projects which included recipe developing a non-alc spirit that mimicked mezcal and could be used in margaritas for a healthier option to alcohol that focussed on well being.

Freelancing taught me so much about the self-starter mentality and I hope the experience will serve me well now as a first-time business owner with my debut product launch. As I move into these new realms I will be looking to use freelancers as I build the brand because I know how hard-working, reliable and accountable the world of freelancing can help us become.

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