Every week we show the best of the UnderPinned Community, putting a spotlight on two freelancers whose work we believe deserves a special mention.

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Jordan Robertson

Hi I’m Jordan, a Graphic Designer with a passion for typography. Naturally curious and humble, my work is driven by strategic thinking combined with an upfront visual style. Experimentation and visual play inform my creative process and graphic execution. I bring fresh perspectives and intelligent concepts throughout my work. I thoroughly enjoy my creative process as I will never limit myself to what I can do.

I have just graduated with a first-class honours in Graphic Design from the Arts University Bournemouth. As a recent graduate, I aim to start working as a junior designer alongside working on various freelance and personal projects.

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Christy Wong

I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer and illustrator with experience in print, branding, packaging and media design. I love connecting with creatives and learning their stories.

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