Freelancer of the Month - 31st August 2020

Joanna Blémont and Lily Lambie-Kiernan

Showcasing the best of the UP Community: Illustrators Joanna Blémont and Lily Lambie-Kiernan.

Joanna Blémont

My name is Joanna, I’m an artist and illustrator based between Edinburgh and Brussels. My work offers a new perspective on daily scenes, with an emphasis on atmospheres. 

During quarantine, I became more aware of my new bizarre surroundings. The empty buses and trains passing by seemed to come out of a dystopian novel which prompted me to capture this new reality. I often work with sequential imagery to convey different parts of a single space and occasionally, a narrative. 

I am about to embark on an Illustration MA at Edinburgh College of Art after completing a BA in Drawing at La Cambre (Brussels). I plan on working as a freelance illustrator with a focus in editorial and narrative projects. I’m looking forward to learning more about the illustration community!

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Lily Lambie-Kiernan

My name’s Lily. I am a UK-based illustrator with a degree in Illustration from Norwich University of the Arts and clients including VICE, Jarrold and New Routes UK.

I usually work on editorial commissions, portraits, loop animations or poster designs from my studio in the city centre.

As well as working on my illustration practice, I direct a printed illustration publication Ephemeral. 

My favourite projects include the current portrait project I am working on. Compiling familiar characters into satirical, bold, humorous portraits. For example, my favourite portraits so far, Are of a competitive eater, capturing the stress, tears, snot and gravy of the last minutes of a contest as well as my take on the 80’s/90’s Alan Partridge radio presenter character. 

Another project I love is my identity design for this year’s, now next year’s, Norwich Refugee Week. I loved working with art director and development team member Amélie Sells, refreshing the event’s look, representing the amazing efforts made by the community, the relationships formed throughout the year and the celebration of New Routes UK, the charity that organises the event. 

I would say my favourite client would be Jamie, art director of VICE. He is such a laugh to work with, he loves my work, he directs with detail and good taste, he’s on top of everything including payments, receipts, regular briefs. I have never felt stressed or confused when working on anything with him.

Click here to see Lily’s Portfolio

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