Since day one, UnderPinned has been built to support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

As London College of Fashion‘s official End of Year Show partner, we’ll be showcasing selected LCF students’ End of Year Projects, from Womenswear, Menswear and Jewellery, for a July Takeover.

All students’ work is being presented as a beautiful Portfolio made on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.


Yuliana Ilina

As a sustainable designer, I see my work as the adoption of diverse biomaterials, bringing them to life in evocative jewellery outcomes. My mission is to identify how to make distinct organic features beneficial for jewellery practices and a desirable state for social perception. I challenge the design by ‘growing’ a collection of eco-friendly jewellery combining ethically sourced metal with biodegradable elements to shift the jewellery industry towards sustainability and material ecology.

Take a look at Yuliana’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.


Sofia Pereira Azevedo

A portuguese goldsmithery adept and arts enthusiast, whose primary aim is to create powerful future-minded statements d’auteur(e) through the adoption of a modus that considers both old and new and paves the way for new coherent and setting-relevant creations which are grounded upon irrevocable sustainable strategies.

Take a look at Sofia’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.