Partner Showcases - 10th July 2020

Tone Olmedo and Hannah Cooper

Since day one, UnderPinned has been built to support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

As UAL’s official End of Year Show partner, we’ll be showcasing selected London College of Fashion students’ End of Year Projects for a July Takeover. All students’ work will be presented as a beautiful Portfolio made on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.

Join us for our upcoming event with UAL on ‘Starting Your Career After University‘, this Thursday, 9th July, to learn how to take a Fashion degree and use it to start a freelance job career!


Tone Olmedo

I am Tone Olmedo. I’m a 25 year old sustainable fashion designer. I’m originally from Copenhagen, but I have been London based for two years now. I have just finished my second year at LCF, where I study Fashion Design and Technology: womenswear. With previous studies in sustainable fashion from Copenhagen, a big part of my identity is to bring forward an ethical practice, consumer awareness and consumer education.

My key interests are in transparent sustainability, innovative materials, slow fashion, trend forecasting, consumer behaviour, and consumer experience. With these interests in mind, changing current structures in fashion for the better without compromising on identity or cost is the ultimate goal.

The collection “ARTIFICIAL MORTALITY”, is meant to create a connection between the creator and consumer to create an intimate relationship between the clothes and their owner.

You are engaging and deciding the outcome of your own style, you are deciding the visual representation of that style to suit you the best. It is a consideration of overconsumption and prioritisation of what you really need, use and want. Instead of being afraid of purchasing new garments, be aware of the footprint it brings with it, be proud of your purchase and foremost use them, because they are made for you.

If you don’t wear them, then what is the point? So be conscious and be aware but don’t feel bad for wanting to bring forth an identity through the way you dress and occasionally dress in new. The collection is about engaging, educating and appreciating yourself, your clothes and their path to existence.

I have no set place within the industry where I find myself, I want to try out different places where I can put my degree into use, I want to both consult the industry but also create, collaborate and educate. I’m far from done with you, now have a look at my portfolio if I’ve caught your interest. 

Take a look at Tone’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.


Hannah Cooper

My name’s Hannah Cooper, I am a fashion design graduate from the London College of Fashion. It is my ambition to play an active role in the creation of a sustainable future for fashion. My aim is to realise ‘Digital Couture’, my vision for the future of garment production and consumption, combining craft with technology.

My aesthetic is inspired by my personal, conceptual interpretations of female heroines appearing in art, as well as the dichotomy of the ethereal qualities and power in nature.

Take a look at Hannah’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.

We champion the freelancers and every entrepreneur who took a leap of faith with their idea.

If this sounds like you, head over to our Virtual Office and send us your best work via an UnderPinned Portfolio. We want to hear from you!

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