Articles - 1st July 2020

The second grant is coming. How do you check if you’re eligible?

Words by The UP team

How to claim the second grant – and deadline date to apply for the first payment (iNews)

Self-employed workers will again be able to access a taxable grant, but this time it is worth 70 per cent of their average monthly profits over the last three years, up to the value of £2,500 per month, rather than 80 per cent.

The original scheme is still available but the Government has put a deadline on it, and anyone who believes their business was adversely affected in the months of March, April and May has until 13 July to apply.

The service can be accessed here.


I’m self-employed – can I get sick pay for coronavirus? (Telegraph)

Freelancers and contractors do not have the safety net of an employer to guarantee them sick pay. The Government has brought in special measures to provide financial support for members of this group who lose their income, however not everyone is eligible. So what is available and do you qualify?


No Stimulus Check? Four Reasons Economists Ignore Freelancers (Forbes)

Economists have no idea how many people work freelance – they can’t even agree on a definition.

The decentralization of work — whether it’s Taskrabbit taskers assembling Ikea furniture or machine learning programmers building apps on Braintrust* — is largely unmeasured by traditional economic surveys. So Cory Johnson and Forbes dug into how to measure them in a pandemic.


Uber Rides Cost More? OK (The New York Times)

Many gig-based business models help customers take advantage of workers. Let’s stop giving tech companies a free ride. A run down essay on the commodification of workers by the New York Times Editorial Board. 


Our Ghost-Kitchen Future (The New Yorker)

A business model that seemed marginal before the coronavirus pandemic now looks like the future of restaurants. Contributing writer Anna Weiner considers the tech tools taking the lead in using the gig economy to utilise physical space lost to coronavirus. 


We need a New Deal to save the arts. Here’s how it should work (Prospect Mag)

Between 1935 and 1943, FDR’s Federal Art Project provided precious employment for thousands of artists across America. We need a similar programme today in the UK to ensure the creative industries—and the economy at large—can thrive.

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