Since day one, UnderPinned has been built to support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

As UAL’s official End of Year Show partner, we’ll be showcasing selected London College of Fashion students’ End of Year Projects for a July Takeover. All students’ work will be presented as a beautiful Portfolio made on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.

Join us for our upcoming event with UAL on ‘Starting Your Career After University‘, this Thursday, 9th July, to learn how to take a Fashion degree and use it to start a freelance job career!


Scarlet Riley

My name’s Scarlet Riley. I am a London based fashion and costume designer. This was my womenswear graduate collection, a collection that focused on action over words, and using fashion as a way to help others, spread important messages, and make change – rather than just beauty.

All materials used were sourced from waste, and any rips, stains, or ‘flaws’ were made into features to highlight the way we would normally discard clothes the second they aren’t perfect, and the huge environmental impact of this.

Take a look at Scarlet’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.

Maria Gemra

My name is Maria, I am a third-year student, graduating this summer, from a womenswear course at London College of Fashion. Throughout my BA, I concentrated on researching sustainable processes and how to bring positive change to the fashion industry. My final collection project focuses on zero- waste pattern cutting using only one piece of fabric to create a garment.

This thorough research and development allowed me to develop a range of techniques for creating complex garments, that at first glance may seem basic, which are very fast to produce and can be more affordable for people with lower income. Furthermore, with the use of easily recyclable fabrics and one piece of cloth as a garment, the process of reinventing is easier and quicker.

The garments were designed for the transition period before moving to Mars when we would lose the freedom to express our identity through clothes due to the necessity to wear spacesuits. After graduation, I would like to explore different angles of the industry and work for a couple of years to gain experience but eventually, I aim to have my own brand.

Take a look at Maria’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.