Articles - 15th July 2020

Money for the self-employed, but help is still needed for creatives

Words by The UP team

Self employed grant: When can I apply for the second self employed grant (The Express)

The second grant will be capped at a maximum of £6,570 in total for three months worth of payments, which will be paid in one lump sum.

If anyone plans to claim for the second grant, they must be able to prove their business has been adversely affected on or after July 14, 2020.

On the Government website, HMRC state applications will open for the second grant from August 17, 2020.


Arts freelancers must not be forgotten (The Guardian)

The government has stepped in to protect the UK’s cultural infrastructure, but has neglected the people who make the art. An excellent editorial by the Guardian board on the importance of freelancers in the creative sector. 


Mortgage squeeze for the self-employed (The Times)

Self-employed workers will have to go through a range of extra checks as lenders make it tougher to get a mortgage.


I’m one of the freelancers who makes British theatre happen. Who will secure our future? (The Guardian)

Saving buildings and administrative jobs is pointless without protecting artists


£1.57 billion for the arts, but how will the funding process work? (Southwark News)

The creative workforce, from production crews, to front of house staff, musicians and actors, most of whom are self-employed, have faced months without work and income as venues suddenly closed and contracts halted to comply with government rulings on social distancing.

The creative industries are a huge success story, both at home and abroad. They contribute over £100 billion to the UK economy every year and are vital to our culture and place in the world.

They’re our third most profitable industry and have for the past decade grown faster than the rest of the economy despite difficult times and government cuts. When the COVID crisis is over we will need the creative industries to still be there for us and to be able to play a leading role in our economic recovery.


Third of freelancers considering leaving theatre industry (The Stage)

A quarter of freelance theatre workers have been unable to access emergency income of any kind and a third are considering leaving the industry, according to a survey of more than 8,000 participants.

The research also revealed that 36% of the freelance workforce in the performing arts received no support from the government’s Self-Employment Income Support Scheme or Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

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