Since day one, UnderPinned has been built to support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

As London College of Fashion‘s official End of Year Show partner, we’ll be showcasing selected LCF students’ End of Year Projects, from Womenswear, Menswear and Jewellery, for a July Takeover.

All students’ work will be presented as a beautiful Portfolio made on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.


Lollo Waern

As a zero-waste designer, I am constantly developing innovative and efficient ways of using materials, whilst delivering exciting and visually arresting designs. My creative process is guided by the environmental impact of my design practice and the usability and longevity of my products.

Effective and sustainable environmental practice can only flourish if we are willing to share our ideas and methods. Therefore, I have made my zero waste designs available for free at

Take a look at Lollo’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.

Nisi Liu

I’m a year 3 student from London College of Fashion, studying womenswear. My work is inspired by narcissism triggered by the meaning of sex – who do we dress for? Whether it’s for yourself or for other characters, it’s all about desire.

Everyone wakes up from bed and wears what they wear today. Whether they dress for themselves or others, the topic of “sex” is inseparable. My project is based on sex, and the performance is a form of self-obsession, combined with my religious belief to develop to complete the entire project.

Take a look at Nisi’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.