Articles - 29th July 2020

Gaps in protection for freelancers

Words by The UP team

Rishi Sunak urged to plug furlough scheme gaps for 1m workers (The Guardian)

Rishi Sunak, has been criticised by MPs for “drawing a line” under concerns that more than a million people have missed out on the government’s emergency coronavirus support schemes.

The influential Treasury committee issued its rebuke as it published the government’s response to recommendations put forward by MPs to help make up for a gap in support. 

The original report, released last month, found more than a million people who had recently switched jobs, were newly self-employed, directors of limited companies, or freelancing were effectively locked out of financial aid programmes.


BBC package for PAYE freelancer secured (Bectu)

The BBC has announced a package to support the earnings of over 600 freelancers who work for the public service part of the organisation and have lost work due to the pandemic.

The move will allow PAYE freelancers who regularly work for BBC public service to receive compensation along the lines of the furlough package to cover the period from March to May this year when the country was in full lockdown because of the pandemic.


Uber defends its right to treat drivers as self-employed in Supreme Court (iNews)

The US ride hailing company has defended its business model in the UK’s supreme court as part of a prolonged fight over workers’ rights

The Supreme Court has heard the final submissions in the five-year legal battle over whether Uber’s drivers should be considered workers and given employment rights, in a landmark ruling for the gig economy.

Uber is also attempting to win back its licence to operate in London after Transport for London stripped it of its right to operate in November for the second time in just over two years, with the appeal due to be heard in September.


UK tax rises: How will Rishi Sunak pay down the coronavirus deficit? (CityAM)

Rishi Sunak’s first five months as chancellor has seen him shower the UK economy with hundreds of billions of pounds, helping make him the most popular government figure.

However, talk has already turned to the ballooning deficit – predicted to be around £350bn this year – and how to reduce it to more manageable levels. 

So what UK tax rises can we expect to see as Sunak grapples with the deficit?


We’re Starting To See A ‘Hunger Games’ Gig-Economy Job Market (Forbes)

Roughly 1.5 million Americans depend upon the gig economy to provide for their livelihood.

As over 53 million Americans recently filed for unemployment, there’s an enormous overhang of people desperately seeking out new jobs. This staggering number doesn’t even capture the vast amount of people in between jobs. 

In what feels like a potential Hunger Games scenario, we could foresee intense competition for opportunities, as millions of people pivot into the gig economy to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads. 


We need to stop punishing artists: their creative thinking will help us out of this crisis 

(The Guardian)

“As everyone keeps telling us: we’re in unprecedented times. And unprecedented times call for unprecedented thinking.”

Esther Anatolitis, the executive director of the National Association of Visual Arts in Australia, writes on the importance of the arts in the coming months after lockdown, citing the arts place in tourism and job retention. 

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