Since day one, UnderPinned has been built to support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

As UAL’s official End of Year Show partner, we’ll be showcasing selected London College of Fashion students’ End of Year Projects for a July Takeover. All students’ work will be presented as a beautiful Portfolio made on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.

Join us for our upcoming event with UAL on ‘Starting Your Career After University‘, this Thursday, 9th July, to learn how to take a Fashion degree and use it to start a freelance job career!


Cleo Luana Diogo Fernandes

I am Cleo Luana, a Womenswear Designer graduate. This collection reflects on the London diaspora, tailored through the lens of my Angolan heritage. The collection is highly influenced by cultural music, dances, African film, and comedy. Cultural projections of growing in a lower-class environment are also explored, as well as looking into styles created by the people who surrounded me growing up and were also stereotyped and cliched throughout society.

Take a look at Cleo’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.


Emilia Smith

I’m Emilia Smith, a second-year Fashion Design student at London College of Fashion. My work focuses on using garments to tell a story; my last project featured a dissolvable wedding dress which disappeared as the camera filmed. I gain a lot of my inspiration from vintage garments in their construction and history behind them. After my degree, I hope to go into costume design.

Take a look at Emilia’s Full Portfolio on the UnderPinned Virtual Office.