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Ally Faughnan, Founding Editor of The Gallyry

Hi, I’m Ally and I’m a London-based writer and editor. 

I am the Founding Editor of The Gallyry, an online magazine and community for women and non-binary people in the arts. I am also a freelance arts and culture writer and have previously written for Artsy, Dazed Digital, Google Arts & Culture, and more.

I set up The Gallyry last year after seeing a lack of spaces actively celebrating women and non-binary people in the arts, from our past to present day, and it’s been amazing to watch it grow into such a lovely community online. I’ve especially loved collaborating with other small organisations, such as creating bookmarks celebrating women and non-binary artists from history with Made By Women Zines earlier this year.

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Maks Graur, Digital Illustrator

My name is Maks, I’m a digital illustrator based in London. I visualise complicated emotions that are difficult to express through words otherwise.

My first real work was for underground hardcore musicians. I used to do gig posters, social media stuff, logos, album covers, t-shirt designs, everything really. I was a teenager at the time, and did the work for free. For me, it was more than a charity. It was art promoting art, and artists supporting artists. The experience defined me and helped me in developing my ideology. In 2017 I founded a personal charity project to raise money for 7 animal shelters in Moldova (my home country) by drawing portraits in exchange for donations. In the first year I alone drew 100 portraits during my summer holiday and collected £200. In the 2018 edition I was joined by many talented Moldovan artists who supported my cause. By 2019 we had formed a small community and managed to raise £1300 together. We are now preparing for the 4th edition of the project that helps and brings awareness to homeless animals through the power of art.

One project that describes my work best would be my artwork for the “Poster x Poem” exhibition. Organised by Glitch Shop in Romania, it was later brought to Moldova by AA+, who invited me to take part along with 13 other visual artists. I was thrilled when I was paired with author Paula Erizanu to illustrate her poem. For me, a strong concept excels in a visual style, and I constantly challenge myself to find the simplest ways of visualising powerful messages. That’s also why literature is a big source of inspiration for me, as I tend to look at my works as visual poems. My artwork for “Poster x Poem” is currently exhibited at the National History Museum of Moldova.

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