Freelancer of the Month - 1st June 2020

Sam Brandon and Gina Hopkins

Every week we show the best of the UnderPinned Community, putting a spotlight on two freelancers whose work we believe deserve a special mention.

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Sam Brandon, 2D animator, illustrator and filmmaker

My name is Sam Brandon, I’m a freelance 2D animator, illustrator, filmmaker & director based on the south coast of the UK.

Originally from the sunny beaches of Southern Spain, my illustrations are often inspired by outdoorsy themes, a vibrant palette and bizarre caricatures of people I meet.

My work is also hugely informed by whatever music I’m listening to at the time. It has definitely helped shape some of the moods in my characters. I feel very lucky to have worked with some amazing bands and record labels over the last couple of years.

In 2014 I ventured into moving images and haven’t looked back since. Working with animation has given my work a whole new dimension to play with and opened me up to new work opportunities. Last year I was invited to create an animated video project for Fast Trains and this year I’m delving into the world of 2D animation within live-action feature films, thanks to Kirlian Pictures.

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Gina Hopkins, Graphic Designer

Hi, my name is Gina Hopkins, I’m a freelance Graphic Designer based in the UK. I specialize in creating brands through strategic and creative thinking. I’ve worked in a number of top studios across London, most recently at White Bear Studio. My favourite projects normally involve helping startups build a brand from scratch as this allows for the most creative outcomes. A recent example of this would be Prairie Fire, a BBQ restaurant based in White City.

I’ve recently moved into the freelance world and am looking to expand on my experience of working with small businesses, especially in the current climate. I work on both the strategic and visual side of design as I believe both are necessary for a successful project.

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