Every week we show the best of the UnderPinned Community, putting a spotlight on two freelancers whose work we believe deserve a special mention.

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Milo Burgess, Lead Guitarist of Rock Band Bisou Noir

Bisou Noir is an English Rock band formed when our frontman Toby Spysznyk and I met on set as film extras, later joined by Jake Tullett (bass) and Mikey Laws (drums).

We’ve featured on BBC Introducing several times and are great believers in doing things for ourselves. This includes writing, recording, filming videos etc. Our aim is to bring back the days of organic, original rock music.


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Faith Olajide, Founder of YourBodyMate, an online self-care community.

My name is Faith and I am the founder of YourBodyMate. At YourBodyMate our vision is to bring self-care to everyone through a simple message via our online community.

Your Bodymate is all about treating your body like your best friend. Be your own body mate. Your body, your mate.

How do we expect to grow as individuals if we don’t tackle issues that plague our minds? We are currently in the pre-launch stage of the business & we’ll be dropping some super cool self-care products very soon


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