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Hadjeley Zacabi, Writer

My name’s Hadjeley Zacabi, I’m from London and I have recently started freelancing as a writer. I first developed a hobby for writing in 2017, using it as an outlet outside of school. The topics that I love to discuss the most are based on Lifestyle, Entertainment, Mental Health, Film & TV reviews and on black women.
I have written for The Move Hub, which is an independent publication from London. For my freelancing career, I plan to go into other ventures such as podcasting and other forms of content creation. At the moment I enjoy writing articles from my personal perspective and the perspective of others. Other forms of writing that I have been developing are personal essays and cultural criticism.

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Alister Shapley, Graphic Designer

I’m Alister Shapley a freelance designer who helps brands tell their story through visual language. I didn’t come into graphic design the typical route. I studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, and after completing the 6 year course I left with the desire to work not as an architect, but as a graphic designer.

Over the years I have worked in large teams working on multi-million-pound construction bids as well as smaller teams developing brands. Most of this experience has been within the construction sector where attention to detail, strict time-management and a high-quality finish is vital to a company’s success.

I started asdesign in 2017. My main focus is on getting to know my client so we can combine their thoughts with my expertise to produce a visual story that reflects their values. Getting the brief and direction right is crucial to the success of a project; that’s why I use a co-design process, spending more time on the early stages of brief and concept to make sure the outcome achieves the desired goal. I believe the best work is born through collaboration and a strong relationship.

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