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Conan Jurek, Musician

My name’s Conan Jurek. I am a music producer, songwriter, film composer, and frontman for the band “Soul Push”.

We originally started playing together back in 2013 under various different names and got to see some really cool things as a result. However, after moving to London, writing an album, and eventually signing a record deal with Riptide Music Group – we decided to name ourselves “Soul Push”.

I think my favourite show to date is a tie between VENUE in Vancouver in 2016, and 110 Above Festival in the UK in 2017.

My favourite song to date that we have released is “Tender”, as I love all of our new songs and my answer will probably change with each song we release.

It’s important to feel excited about the work you do and I really feel excited about our new stuff!

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Erica Choi, Graphic Designer

My name’s Erica Choi and I’m a Graphic Designer. I started a design career as a Junior Art Director in 2008 for a fast-fashion retailer in Seoul, South Korea then moved to the leading design capital London in 2010 to be more conceptual and practice graphic design for a broader sector such as branding and exhibition. After 9.5 years of living in London, I have worked with some of the city’s leading architects for their offline publications and graphic design for exhibitions and events including yearly architectural installation such as MicroLiving Unit installation during London Design Festival.

Since I started working for myself last March, I also get more opportunity to direct branding projects for small and medium-sized businesses like Domansa and The Good Gang. It’s hugely rewarding to see when their businesses are doing well and connecting similar minded people. Also, a fun event that happened to me last year was I managed to get my face on the front of The Sun for an article on being a freelancer!

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