Every week we show the best of the UnderPinned Community, putting a spotlight on two freelancers whose work we believe deserve a special mention.

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Claudia Salador, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

My name’s Claudia Salador, I’m a Holistic Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Speaker and Mentor.

Having graduated with a first-class honours degree from the University of Leeds, I began an internship with a leading London media agency in 2017. It was brief. It soon became apparent that this was not for me. And so, I eschewed the conventional career path in favour of a portfolio lifestyle and career which would give me more fulfilment and joy.

My main aim is to inspire and to activate. Acting as a catalyst, I ignite people in their personal lives and in business. I help them overcome their challenges and help them get things done. There is a direct correlation between a healthy person, a healthy mind and a healthy business. My weapon is courage and I manifest it not just for myself but for all those around me.

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Neil Carribine, Illustrator

My name’s Neil Carribine, I am an illustrator living and working in London. I like to capture everyday situations and exaggerate these events with a pinch of silliness and humour. I produce a mixture of work including illustrations, murals, animations and prints.

My favourite project to date is ‘Herd of Sheffield’, a campaign that brought together 58 celebrated artists to paint an elephant, which was later sold at an auction to raise funds for a local charity.

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