Articles - 16th March 2020

Far, far better to be safe

Words by The UP team

A lot of people are about to become very familiar with remote working for the first time in their professional careers

Working from home isn’t a bad thing. 77% of office workers feel they are more productive working at home, while new tech has meant that it’s never easier. There are real negatives (loneliness, communication issues, unreliable wifi) but these are all things that can be worked through. 

While working from home can be a good thing, it is important to us at UnderPinned that our community knows how we are dealing with the issue that has forced so many people to work from home in the first place. 

The next few weeks, and potentially months, are going to be tough for everyone. Regardless of whether or not you get ill, and no matter where you sit in terms of preparedness, everyone will be affected. Most people will have to, at the least, socially distance themselves in reflection of the advice of UK scientists. 

For many people, that will make work understandably difficult, especially if you have regular face to face meetings or if you rely on direct sales. It will feel impossible if you operate in a space that relies on being in close personal contact. 

As for us, it’s time to practice what we preach and for the UnderPinned team to work remotely for a little while, so our doors will be closed for the immediate future. Events will be postponed or cancelled, with more details to come. Crowdfunding, tech updates, and all of our content will still go ahead as normal. 

While our physical doors will be closing, we will also make sure that we are available to chat via email if you have any questions about how we can help you. 


Be safe out there, and take care of each other. More details to follow soon.

We champion the freelancers and every entrepreneur who took a leap of faith with their idea.

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