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Karis Miller, Illustrator

I am currently working as a Technical Illustrator, and have been working as a freelance illustrator for the last 2 years. I focus on visual development and the art of animation, and I create mainly digital artwork to capture atmosphere.

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Stefano Meloni, Illustrator

My name is Stefano and I am an illustrator from Sardinia.

I moved to London straight after graduating in New Technologies of Art about 5 years ago and since then, I worked hard to improve my skills in between full-time jobs. I started drawing cartoons about 10 years ago, as they have always been my main tool to express myself
where words couldn’t reach. I really enjoy creating work where I can visualise my thoughts, and when it comes to be commissioned something it’s even better, because I can visualise my client’s thoughts.

A few years ago I happened to get into patterns to ‘rest’ from only doing cartoons. This allowed me to explore shapes and colours more deeply, and after a while , I started to implement them into my cartoons as well.

In general, I like to experiment a lot, as my needs evolve during the process and because I relentlessly seek for improvement.

Last but not least is my most recent passion for giving new life to old, broken, unused items that I just happen to cross paths with. I feel a stronger connection to them than with brand new items, because
they have already a story behind.

In my freelance career, my work has been featured, collected and exhibited around the world, mainly in the UK and USA.

If you want to see more, check out my website (www.iamstml.com) and Instagram profile (@iamstml) to see what I get up to.


Look at Stefano’s full UnderPinned Portfolio on our Virtual Office!