Saskia Cameron, Illustrator

My work tends to revolve around ‘the dailiness of life’ – everyday rituals. I think there’s something really soothing and affirming about the small, mundane things. I’ve recently made the move from Glasgow to Derby, where I’m from, to make a real go of freelancing as an illustrator.

Drawing from this journey along the West Coast line, wandering and wondering along a train of thought, I’ve been making little ‘tickets’, each a representation of a pilgrimage. I titled it Midland, not only as a literal reference to the journey, being a passenger, mid-land, but also as a little in-joke to myself, a nod to that nebulous dividing line between the North and South of England, where I am now.

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Madame So, Singer-Songwriter

I am a French-born singer-songwriter based in London. I started my musical journey in London on the open-mic scene. In 2013, I released my debut EP, ‘The Sell-by Date EP’, two tracks of which (‘Camden Scene’ and ‘Sell-by Date’ were aired on Gary Crowley ‘s London BBC Introducing radio show).

I have been performing my music live across the cities of Paris, Amsterdam and notably London, including venues like The Finsbury, Dublin Castle and New Cross Inn. In 2013 and 2014, being a French national, I performed on Bastille Day in Borough Market to thousands of punters. I am currently putting the finishing touches to my debut LP which will come out this year.

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