Today we are showcasing the work of two brilliant illustrators who have created ‘Wonderland’ inspired portfolios, which will be displayed at our Freelance Christmas party this year!

Jem Venn

Hi there! My name’s Jem and I’m a freelance illustrator based in London.

I like to think of my work as a means of solving problems, bridging gaps and attracting an audience. I’m particularly interested in packaging and branding design however I am still open to working on a wide range of projects within the design industry. I am most comfortable when working in a team or busy studio environments but can also appreciate working solo to generate ideas and produce artworks.

Here is a small collection of my works, specifically the ones that take me away to my personal wonderland.

Look at Jem’s full UnderPinned Portfolio on our Virtual Office!

Amy Tilsed

I am an illustrator who enjoys making comics and zines! When not freelancing or working on my webcomic, Mistral, I often attend art fairs and hang out with other very cool artist friends. I got into freelancing after graduating with an illustration degree with a passion to make good art and to do what I love: create.

Look at Amy’s full UnderPinned Portfolio on our Virtual Office!

If you’d like to make a portfolio like our showcases, head over to our Virtual Office!