I’ve had many names in my past. My first name was Yuo-ning in Taiwan. Then I became Jenny in New York. But ever since I was born, my true identity was: YOYO

My mom called me this as a nickname because she wanted me to become a famous cellist like Yo-Yo Ma. As you can see, this did not happen. But Yoyo is Yoyo and I am Yoyo. I love my eyeballs. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and most of my works are based on my day-to-day life.

“Spontaneous” will be the most important keyword in my whole life and of course my works because I think you can’t guarantee anything in your life, so I like to do it when I can do it.

Beginning of this year, I went to L.A. to do the project to bring up awareness to how serious the homelessness issue in L.A. is, which meant a lot to me.

Here is my website and my instagram yoyo.com.tw

Tom Bingham

Hello, my name is Tom Bingham, I’m 30 and I’m an illustrator living in the north of England.

I have been illustrating professionally for over 10 years now. I used to create work that was a lot more serious (and in my opinion, boring). Over the last year or so I decided to switch it up completely and draw exactly how I wanted, which is bringing me so much happiness. 

I’ve had some very exciting projects come my way the last couple of years, and I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some great clients.

A highlight has definitely been working with Wunderdog Magazine, who have just brought out their first printed edition which features a number of my illustrations throughout its lovely pages. I love dogs so much (you can probably tell from my work, right?) so it was an absolute dream client. 

Working with UnderPinned this year has been amazing too! In a recent commission with them, I created a fun illustration of a sneaky idea thief for the article ‘The Sincerest form of flattery: Inspiration or Theft’ written by Tom Whyman.

You can see more of my work over on my website and instagram @tomdrawsdogs


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