Laura Paulekaite (Lora Pola)

I am a graphic designer and creative based in London. One thing that surprises people about me is my unusual mixed background in traditional arts, design and business. It gives me a unique perspective and makes me a better creative overall. 

I work with a diverse range of clients. While most of my design work falls under branding and corporate communications, my focus is on forming long-term partnerships and providing all-round creative support where an in-house creative team is not a preferred option.

As a creative, I like to experiment with different media. It is likely to be a t-shirt line with a twist as much as it is a series of large canvas paintings. 

I switch easily between exploiting creative possibilities digitally and adding strokes of paint on the canvas, which is where I started. There’s certainly something magical about producing art by hand on natural surfaces and I also love exploring the boundaries of colour, how it merges and transitions, its effect on the viewer.

Outside of my creative and design practice, I am passionate about the subject of sustainability. Out of this, a creative venture with another amazing artist was born. Biscuit Design has a mission to tackle the issues of overconsumption and fast fashion. We collect textile waste and leftovers to upcycle them using a variety of creative technique producing bespoke, artisan home and fashion accessories.

There’s always a creative idea I am working on and I am excited about the upcoming projects in the pipeline and Biscuit Design expanding its presence. See my work here.

Charles Vaughan

My name is Charles Vaughan and I’m a DJ, radio producer, promoter, programmer and producer based in South-East London.

I came to London four years ago to study Music Computing at Goldsmiths University with a keen interest in the worlds of jazz and electronic music. Since graduating from university, I’ve become a full-time freelancer, working multiple projects in different sections of the industry.

Later this year I will be producing a new radio show on Giles Peterson’s Worldwide FM called ‘Universal Sanctuary’ with Tina Edwards, exploring the intersections of club culture, jazz and global DIY scenes. We’ll be kicking off the show with my first UK tour as well before hosting a very special London show that I can’t announce yet!

During university, myself and two other course mates began hosting an experimental electronic night that focused on immersive audiovisual technologies. This year we collaborated with Object Blue as part of the first Red Bull Music Festival in London, as well as hosting our first club night and a showcase event at the groundbreaking Aures venue.

In London I DJ every week, blending sounds of forward-thinking jazz, groove-filled disco, global oddities and beyond. This year I’ve been lucky enough to play some of my favourite venues including headlining Bussey Building, Spiritland, BBE Store, Shoreditch Platform and even a disco fuelled boat party on the Thames.

I feel so lucky and inspired to work on so many incredible projects! Freelancing gives me the freedom to be creatively invested in so many areas of the industry. I’m always striving to learn more about the musical worlds around me and bring that inspiration into the creative projects I’m part of! Come see me dance around in some dungarees by following me on FB and Insta. 

Facebook Page –

Insta – @cs_vaughan

Website –


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