The UPload - 6th September 2019

Day in the Life: Founder of Women in Tech Club, Yota Trom talks to us about her mission to narrow the gender gap in the Technology industry.

What makes you creative? What’s the first thing you do when they wake up? What inspires you? Our Day in the Life series follows some of our favourite freelancers through a normal day of doing their spectacular work.

Yota specialises in building high-performing teams and developing emerging leaders by applying Positive Psychology and Strengths-based Coaching to foster organisational success. Combined with 13+ years of leadership experience holding a variety of senior roles within high-profile companies, such as Amazon and Yahoo, she is specialised in working with individuals from the Technology Industry motivating and challenging them to excel both professionally and personally.
Areas of focus include: leadership and role effectiveness, management skills development and communication. She is also the founder of Women in Tech Club, a group that aims to narrow down the gender gap in the Technology industry and increase diversity by empowering women to believe in themselves and find their voice.
Directed by Alexander Chai
Produced by Emily Murray

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