Freelancer of the Month - 11th September 2019

Calum Heath and Alex Grigg

Calum Heath

I’m Calum Heath, a freelance illustrator working in East London. I graduated from Falmouth back in 2017 and have since gone on to work on a number of really exciting projects. I mainly work in the editorial field, with my most notable clients being The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Guardian. 

I love the routine of working on editorial jobs, which always push and encourage me to take my work in a new direction. 

I am often dealing with heavy subjects in my work, surrounding mental health, depression, and anxiety. One of my proudest editorial projects was for VICE’s series on OCD. The images had to be handled with sensitivity and care. I felt like I did the text justice with how I approached the images. 

Over the new year, I was commissioned by Origin Coffee to paint a mural in their Shoreditch shop, which was possibly the most impactful and exciting project I have worked on to date. It was a rare gift in the sense that they gave me complete creative freedom to create an image of my choice. It’s down on Charlotte road, have a look if you’re passing through! 



Instagram: @calumheath_

Alex Grigg

I’m an Australian animation director and designer based in London. Since graduating in 2008 I’ve busied myself making things for some of the world’s leading animation houses. I typically earn a crust directing commercials and other fun things. I am currently repped by BlinkInk in London and Mighty Nice, Sydney who both keep me pretty busy. I also host Loopdeloop in London, a community-focused animation challenge gathering some of the best indie animations from around the world every couple of months.

Some recent projects I’ve been working on:

Channel 4 had a huge rebrand last year and they asked me to help create a pretty out there Ident for their E4 launch. They were a really trusting client and I had a blast making this. 

This is a little series of spots I co-directed with Joe Pelling for Bulb Energy’s first advertising campaign. It was super fun working with comedians Tim Key and Ellie White to bring these to life.

This was a commission from WeTransfer to help share an insight from a talk they supported by Trevor Noah. I always enjoy trying to boil complex ideas down into simple compelling visuals. The film was a great chance to try and do that.

A couple of years ago my friends at Sydney studio Mighty Nice worked with Netflix and the BBC to create an original animated TV Series based on a somewhat forgotten series of books called Bottersnikes and Gumbles. It was actually one of my favourite books as a kid so I was thrilled to be able to direct the opening title sequence for the show.


Twitter: @alexxgrigg

Instagram:  @alexxgrigg

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