Tomi Otekunrin

I sort of fell into being a freelance writer. I graduated with a pharmaceutical science degree and thought I’d just get a job like that.

I tried big corporate companies and brand new startups, had a few stints at both but nothing stuck. In between my very long droughts of unemployment, I wrote articles and I loved it. I never saw myself as a freelancer so I tried the 9-5 hustle again and it just wasn’t for me even though I loved my boss.

My next role was a freelance one and it was a big-time fail but it still weirdly felt right. Now I’m more considerate about the roles I take, the media publications I pitch to and my time management (which still needs some improvement). I enjoy writing about fashion, beauty, music and pop culture in general but I love profiling/interviewing creative people


Being freelance is not easy at all from looking for work to chasing after invoices but I love the flexibility, the collaborations and working on exciting projects. My favourite piece to date is my first Glamour article not because it’s my best but it helped open my mind and some doors.

Madeline Chandler

Hi my name is Maddy Chandler, I am a Graphic Design graduate from Ravensbourne. I am currently living in East London.

I have completed a wide variety of work during my time at university however my skill sets are heavily in print based work. My favourite type of brief is editorial; I enjoy designing layouts and working with a variety of content. I have worked a lot with typography over the last 3 years and as a result, I am confident working with heavily text-based content. I also like to incorporate hand-written typography into a project when I can.

I have found that my work has begun to strongly follow the theme of exploring the social habits we have adopted in life today and how these are having an impact on the environment. From exploring fast-fashion to climate change, the most important thing for me is that my work conveys a message to its audience and is successful in provoking change.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and my hope for the future is to someday complete a masters in journalism with creative writing. I would love to combine the skills I learn from this with my design skills, I think the opportunities this would bring would be very exciting.