Sophie Bassett 

I’m Sophie Bassett and I’m a Personal Stylist living in London.

Whilst completing a degree in footwear design, I fell into the transforming career of styling. The luxury Dutch Amsterdam Couture Brand Scotch & Soda adopted me over a year ago during my final year of studying, and ever since I’ve been making it my life long goal to become a successful Personal Stylist.

As well as being affiliated with the Society of Master Saddlers, it has given me the opportunity to deliver innovative looks using one material in particular ‘Leather’. 

Harnessing my rare techniques has drawn me to focus on the handmade bespoke pieces within my styling. Such projects include footwear in collaboration with Jeffery West and Made to Measure bespoke guitar straps for up and coming bands all over the UK.

The most recent projects I am working on involve a collaboration with the LGBT community in protest against the new Brunei law. Our rage will be illustrated through this peaceful natural message I like to call ‘Androgynous love’ which will be depicted by two male models in an androgynous form expressing their unconditional ‘safe love’ for each other in an environment of freedom.

Another project I am currently focused on is the creation of my leather-based resources being substituted for the eco-friendly vegan option. Not only will the bespoke saddlery tradition still be durable but it will hold a vital message, showing companies it is crucial that these sustainable transitions take place in order to solve our ever on-going battle with climate change. 

Lydia Wilkins

I am an NCTJ qualified freelance journalist, with bylines in The Independent, Readers Digest, The Metro, Refinery 29, Debut Careers, and more.

Having been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in January 2015, I document life on the autistic spectrum at

Long-form, interviews, reviews and opinion pieces are my speciality; previous interviewees have included Sir Harold Evans, Anastacia, Alan Rusbridger, Jacqueline Wilson, and more.