Sofia Drescher

I am an American/Danish illustrator born in New York City and living in Auckland, New Zealand. I come from a family of artists and spent my childhood drawing and travelling the world.

I studied in London, completing a bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art, and a Masters’ degree in Illustration from the Royal College of Art. My illustration career began during the first year of my illustration masters.

During this time, I self-published my first book titled “Arana” which gained awards and made its way into the private collections of the MoMA Library in New York, the V&Amp;A Museum library in London and the MACBA Library in Barcelona.

Following the success of “Arana” I continued producing books; “Agatha’s Men” which was self-published, and my last book “Visa Run” published by Café Royal Books.

I enjoy creating work (@sofiadrescher) for all audiences as much as I love to illustrate controversial subject matters with a humorous twist.

I’m currently working on a children’s book that I have written and illustrated. Through creating books and releasing them to the public, I started to receive commissions and freelance work.

I enjoy storytelling and narrative challenges, which are some of the foundations of illustration. I love to travel and live overseas and found that freelancing suits my current lifestyle.

MC Barnes

My name is MC Barnes, I am 24 years old, half Chinese, half American and based in London. I graduated from the University of Arts London, with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion Photography.

I am a freelance photographer, model booker at Nii Agency (@niiagency), and casting assistant to Campbell Addy (@campbelladdy).

Juggling all these jobs can be at times quite stressful, however extremely exciting and rewarding. My main goal in my photography work is to increase the visibility & platform of voice and opportunities for/of People of Colour, to reconstruct the narrative, and, as well, to continue an empowered narrative of Women of Colour in particular.

As my background is half Chinese, I recognise the past, and perhaps still present, narrative Asian women are attached to through assumptions and generalisations and feel it absolutely necessary to break these.

I also love creating otherworldly environments in my photos, as I really get excited working with Photoshop (though never to alter the model’s shape or aesthetic weight).

I feel utopian environments are so thrilling and are an escape from today’s world. With layers of truth and honesty, I likewise always want to create a sense of optimism in my work. Check out my Instagram and YouTube channel to see what I get up to.


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