31% annual surge in UK freelancers

Insurance Providers Simply Business revealed data trends to show how important Freelancers are to the UK economy. Not only has there been a 31% annual rise in people turning freelance, but it’s estimated that the self-employed market contributes £275 billion to the UK economy. To find out which freelance professions are surging the most, read more here.

Gig economy workers may get short changed when it comes to Social Security checks

Gig economy workers are less likely to report their income correctly. They are getting smaller security checks when they retire, as benefits are calculated from reported lifetime earnings.
The research found that the contractors who didn’t pay the Social Security contributions should have amounted to $3.9 billion in 2014.

How UK freelancers can tackle the lack of paternity rights

Unlike employed individuals, freelancers are not eligible for paternity leave or paternity pay. It’s important to take advantage of being able to work your own hours and rates of pay to build up your own pool of funds when you want to take paternity leave.
You may be able to claim additional benefits, such as the Sure Start grant of £500 if you’re having your first child and claiming other benefits. You may also be eligible for Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit.

How Replacement Families In Japan are using freelancers to tackle loneliness

In Japan, there is now an online platform to tackle loneliness amongst middle-aged and elderly individuals who are without families. Freelance actors play the part of a friend, husband, wife or child of the client for the sum of £60 per person for 2 hours.
Common occasions that replacement families are called upon are: filling the table at a wedding party and acting as a sibling. Yūichi Ishii, CEO of Family Romance, says that he thinks of his 2,000 freelancers as “cast” and together they can give their customers a happier life.
On June 24, the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed that it’s planning to introduce a minimum rate of €16 per hour for freelance work.
Estimates indicate that in the Netherlands some 80,000 freelancers earn less than €16 per hour. They mainly work in farming or as caregivers, delivery workers, and drivers.
The new 2021 measure is part of wider government plans to regulate freelancing. This includes with the aim of offering more protection and stability to self-employed workers.
Ken Loach will follow his 2016 Cannes winner I, Daniel Blake with gig economy piece Sorry We Missed You. The first trailer was released this week, and the film will be cinemas on November 1st. It has already received rave reviews, and TimeOut called it “a gripping indictment of the modern gig economy”.