Cécile Vidican

My name is Cécile, and I’m a self-taught watercolour illustrator. I live in Princeton, New Jersey, where I create botanical and food illustrations.

I was born in the South West of England, grew up in France, and moved to the US to study. After graduate school, I taught French and Spanish and drew on the side. In 2016, I finally decided to give up my teaching position to start illustrating full-time.

I use traditional media (watercolour, pen, colored pencils) as well as digital editing in my work. My compositions focus on the subject by placing it on a white background, keeping the space around uncluttered. The result is a modern, realistic and detailed

Growing up in the countryside, I was always fascinated by the beauty, diversity and complexity of the natural world. Being able to observe and replicate it through illustration is a challenge, and a way to gain insight into biodiversity and the environment. My other passion is food, which inspires many of my drawings. I have worked for editorial as well as private clients.

See more here: @cecillus or www.cecilevidican.com

Maryam Hasani 

Hi, my name is Maryam. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had my head up in the clouds and a pen in my hand but never had the confidence to showcase my drawings. I spent many nights drawing but then tearing them up before sunrise. As I grew up, this passion grew with me and I studied arts in school
and at University.

Eventually, I developed the courage to exhibit my work and after a while my art began to draw attention. Women and their issues are central in my art. Upon graduating, I began teaching at university.

A publisher spotted my paintings on Instagram and offered me a story’s illustration work and this was my first step towards illustration. Right now I’m working towards holding my first solo exhibition and I feel like I’ve found my way.

I feel as if there is a free and imaginative girl inside me who wants to share her dreams with everyone else. I create a new piece of my own world every day.

If you’d like to see my world, follow me on Instagram (maryamhasani.illust) or keep in touch by email