Rebecca Haughton

I’m Rebecca Haughton, I am a ceramicist and freelance maker. I run my own small business – Dylan Ceramics, as well as making for two other businesses and teaching ceramics to children and adults.

I have worked freelance for coming up two years and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, there are hardships – choosing not to socialise because you need to pull a 7 day week – working through sickness because if you’re not there no-one else is going to pick up the slack. But moaning aside, everyday for me is different and that is exactly how I like it!

I studied textile research at Brighton University and since graduating found my medium in clay – I use my knowledge of textiles and sustainability in design to create contemporary ceramics.

At the moment I am working on an exciting project with a charity called Intoart – (Intoart facilitates artists with learning disabilities) I am in the midst of teaching an introduction to ceramics course – my job is to show them the world of clay – bliss! Do check out their website – there are wonderful things being created.

I am also working on an exciting new project that combines ceramics and silversmithing – the aim is to create a zero waste collection that uses only recycled or renewable materials. Check out my Instagram for these projects’ progress!


Joseph Marcus

My name is Joseph Marcus and I’m a singer-songwriter and producer from Reading.

Madison Phipps

I started learning classical piano aged seven, and started learning how to produce on fairly juvenile software aged 12, but singing was always my ‘first love’ in creating music. Despite this, I was painfully shy about singing until I was in my mid-teens.

Madison Phipps

Now, I’m working on a career in music as an artist. I’ve been working with Alex Lewis from Lemon Records as my manager since 2016, which has allowed me the opportunity to work with numerous talented songwriters, musicians and producers. After being so used to creating music by myself, the experience of collaborating with such talented musicians has been invaluable.

Darkroom Photographic Events

Since 2017 I have released 3 singles; including Better Love which I wrote with singer-songwriter Frances. Together, they have totalled over half a million streams on Spotify, and I’m set to release my debut EP within the next couple of months. I’m also currently working on a project to follow that, which will be totally self-written and self-produced.

It can be very easy to get sucked into a bubble of only creating music, which is fine for some artists, but one of my favourite parts of being a musician is performing the music I create live. I’ve had a fair amount of experience performing live over the last few years, including supporting Tom Walker at Leeds University Union, and James Vickery at Notting Hill Arts Club. However, this year I’ve started actively trying to play gigs more frequently.

Roberto Payne

You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter to keep updated on what I’m up to.