Madeleine Stuart

My name is Madeleine Stuart, I’m a freelance illustrator living in the south-east of England.

After working as an in-house designer for a finance startup, I decided to take the plunge, hand in my notice and embark on a new chapter as a freelancer.

My main interest is in children’s books and publishing. Reading had a massive influence on me growing up and I still find myself drawn to fantastical narratives, bright colours and loveable characters. However, I also love the challenge of an editorial brief.

Doing editorial briefs has forced me to think conceptually in order to convey a complicated idea in a single image, a skill that’s helped across my practise. I often find myself looking for a new challenge, so regularly pick up new materials to try out.

Whilst I produce most of my work on an iPad Pro, ink, gouache and collage make a regular appearance in my sketchbooks. I want to continue to expand my work, branching into new techniques and disciplines – as long as I’m drawing, I’m happy.

Gully Trim

My name’s Gulliver “Gully” Trim and I’m a Singer/Songwriter. My music started in the city of Portsmouth in my youth, when I realised that I could accompany the foghorns on my beaten up family piano. I then went through some choirs, then orchestras, and ended up playing all over Europe.

Currently, I live in Bristol, on a farm – recording my debut album ‘Student Blues’, the first single of which, ‘Rain’, is out on May 31st, 2019. As it happens, I’ve recorded this song twice before, the second incarnation is the one that first earned my appraisal and radio play with BBC Introducing in the West.

When asked how to describe my music, I always find myself perplexed. The analogy I often eventually fall on is an endearing collage of indie pop with generous sprinkles of jazz and classic rock applied. Happy songs for sad people. (Self-absorbed sub-genre portmanteau pending). An inedible dish better left unheard of? Only time, your ears and a scathing review from Nora, Reader’s Digest, 2013 will tell.


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