The UPload - 25th April 2019

The UPload: Sinead Koehler of Crafty Fox Market

What makes you creative? What’s the first thing you do when they wake up? What inspires you? Our Day in the Life series follows some of our favourite freelancers through a normal day of doing their spectacular work.

Sinead Koehler, the Founder of Crafty Fox Market, has been disrupting the traditional craft fair since 2010 by putting the creators first.

Here she speaks with us about her experience running the market, and what inspired her to create something new.

Crafty Fox Market supports emerging designer-makers and artists by providing them with opportunities to showcase and sell their work at a variety of brilliant venues across London, including Mercato Metropolitano, as well as Shambala Festival.

Crafty Fox Market has been called “One of London’s best markets” by both Timeout and The Evening Standard.

Directed by Alexander Chai

Produced by Emily Murray

We champion the freelancers and every entrepreneur who took a leap of faith with their idea.

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