Freelancer of the Month - 3rd April 2019

Tatiana de Nicolay and Zoe Bizoe

Tatiana de Nicolay

My name is Tatiana and I’m an independent creative consultant, product designer and illustrator (watercolour mainly).

I travelled the world for a couple of years and collected many different sources of inspiration through beautiful encounters, the discovery of ancient crafts and techniques, landscapes, colours, textures, fabrics… between Egypt, Morocco, Argentina, Bolivia and India.

My bird glass collection (2018-2019)

After experiencing embroidery art in India working with Manish Arora and Tarun Tahiliani in New Delhi, I came back to London and started working for the cult interior design magazine Cabana.

This is where I discovered a new world which I love today! I currently work as an external designer for the magazine for whom I design and produce decorative objects and artwork.

The most recent being the Persia Collection displayed at Bergdoff Goodman in New York and in their pop up shop in Burlington Arcade last Christmas in London.

A map of India’s greatest hotels featured in ‘ Glorious Hotels of India’ by Cosmo Samuel Brockway & Harriet Compston published by Roli Books (November 2018)

I also collaborate on homeware and decorative projects with the French company Diptyque and Dior and previously worked with The Invisible Collection, Fiona Leahy Design and Carolina Irving & Daughters.

Drawing is my passion and I love it every day! You can see more of my work here @tatianadenicolay

Fans and invitation designs for a wedding in Marrakech in 2018

Zoe Bizoe

Zoe Blyau AKA Zoe Bizoe. 30 years young. From Ghent, Belgium

Freelance actress / Burlesque performer / Webshop owner

At the core of my existence, I am a performer. I have a one-woman comedy cabaret show in which I also perform 3 burlesque acts and which I’m touring with throughout the country (Belgium).

These burlesque dance acts, however, can also be booked separately at (corporate) events.

In comes the freelance business.

I work together with some booking agencies (Productions&Zonen, Radar Events, etc) who work for big events and need artists just like me. Depending on the event I could be a roaring 20s flapper girl dancing the Charleston or opening a new library in some city with a quirky duo poetry performance. Or be performing one of my Burlesque signature acts.

The possibilities are endless when your fantasy is running loose. What I love most is creating characters that fit perfectly in the event/ video project /art project I am booked for.

One of my favourites is the Photo Flamingo, in which I am dressed as a blonde flamingo girl and I take Instax (polaroid) pictures of the guests handing them out to them and seeing their joyous faces light up at the sight of this perfect little gift.

Another is a golden rave goddess I created only last month for a video clip for the band Raveyards but is also bookable for parties or as an extra visual teaser for the bands’ own gigs.

Because I create characters I also love making props and thinking about the costuming/styling. That is also how I got the idea to start an online webshop with, for the moment, mainly handmade fascinators/hats and burlesque pasties.

It is still a small side project of mine and I guess if I could spend more time on it, it could be a good business. The thing is I absolutely love being busy with a billion projects at once but you cannot invest the same amount of energy in all of them.

It is something you learn along the way, how to get a perfect balance. I have not mastered it quite yet, but I absolutely love the freedom in being able to have variated jobs that demand another of your talents every time. It keeps you sharp.

Visit my Webshop: Zoe Bizoe on ETSY

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