Freelancer of the Month - 20th March 2019

Jamiu Agboke and Adam Pizey

Jamiu Agboke

My name’s Jamiu and I’m a 29-year-old painter living in London. 

Moments, dreams my obsessions with the now

Nor yesterday nor tomorrow nor in a min or in 5!

I love the relationship between different objects within a space, space itself,  light and texture, inanimate or animate. Painting is a conduit to get closer to reality. It’s a homage to my environment, my life, the people I love and care about and most importantly the now. Because to paint is to confront reality. The things that would have gone unnoticed are brought from the dead by taking a moment to pause, record, document, paint and listen, in order to bring them back into my gaze.

Adam Pizey

My name is Adam Pizey, I am an independent promoter and drummer based between London and Reading.

Having played the drums in various bands since the age of 11, it was whilst studying at Newcastle University that I began to pursue it as more than a hobby, whilst also taking on the management role for the bands I played in. Doing so allowed me to build a portfolio of skills, ranging from social media management to PR, with one highlight being single-handedly booking a UK tour in order to promote a release. It helped me learn about the process of booking gigs, from researching and liaising with venues to developing relationships with people who would be able to assist in gig promotion, such as photographers and bloggers.

Following my graduation from university, I was managing and playing in the band Lucky Punks, whilst also taking on several internships in music PR. These experiences further developed my understanding, and following the end of my internship, I set about establishing my own events promotions company in Reading – Club UFO. With the help of good friend Cameron Smith (also in Lucky Punks), we began planning events. Whilst I utilised my skills to liaise with venues and artists, Cameron focused on the technical side with regards to sound and vision – having studied Electronic Engineering and Music Technology at uni.

The entire ethos behind Club UFO is to work as a wider collaborative group, holding events in quirky venues. Our first event was a stripped back acoustic gig, held in the Oxfam Music Store in Reading, with the intention of promoting the 2018 Oxjam festival that was being held there a few weeks later. Booking Jacob Holroyd (formerly of Reading rock royalty Haize) and Katie King (Valeras), we also worked with our contacts at Porterbrook Records, Explore Reading, Youthpleasure and BBC Berkshire to provide exposure for the event, whilst our good friend Jack Tolhurst (@Jackkography) came down to shoot, providing us with photos and video footage to use on our social media pages.

Inspired by the success of this event, we then held a gig at the Rising Sun Arts Centre in Reading, booking in 3 fantastic bands: The Keep Cats, Indica Palm Radio and, old friends, The Petties. Putting on a full-scale event was a real test, but we were blown away with the response we received and all the positive feedback. It was always our aim to be ‘good’ promoters – particularly in terms of dealing with bands, as we have experienced being on the other end and not always found it to be a smooth process working with some bookers. Following on from this, we are now looking to hold events quarterly in the Reading area, and we are in discussions with several bands who we are very keen to work with.

Setting up Club UFO has also brought home to me the importance of networking, because as a result of booking Jacob Holroyd for our first event, we have ended up becoming good friends, and I’ve promoted his single releases and booked tour dates for him across the country. He has also very kindly asked me to play the drums for him, which has resulted in me being involved with the recent recording of his next single at Hoxa Studios in London, and various live performances – one at the Finsbury in London and one headlining the Purple Turtle in Reading for BBC Introducing – with many more in the pipeline.

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