Freelancer of the Month - 27th March 2019

Dan Cavicchia and Karla Q Leon

Dan Cavicchia

I’m Dan Cavicchia and I’m a graphic designer based in Hackney. I’m originally from Italy, and I’ve been living in London for almost 8 years now.

My creative path started with music a long time ago: I was signed to an Italian label while studying Communication Studies and Musicology at university. I’ve always been interested in the relationship between music and visuals, that’s why my first job was for a music tv channel.

I moved to London in 2011, just for a quick holiday, and I still happen to be here. My first job in London was for a small digital music label. They needed someone to help design artworks and, having some basic skills, I got into it.

Month after month I realised that I was really enjoying graphic design, and the whole thing was kicking off in the right direction. That’s why I decided to raise the bar. I started taking many courses and evening classes at a few London universities, while studying design theory on my own.

I’ve never stopped doing design, so a lot of practice and willingness to learn also contributed to my career development. Since then, I’ve freelanced for many different clients, especially in the music, lifestyle and fintech fields.

I’ve also worked as the lead designer at ‘mysnapp’, a music-fashion app. During my time there, I developed design projects for Little Mix, Yxng Bane and Sony Music.

Since 2018, I’ve been working for a small studio in North London, as well as freelancing on the side: from small independent businesses to a well-established agency in Shoreditch.

I’m currently working on two campaigns for Nike and Rimmel, due for release by the end of 2019.

Karla Q Leon

My name is Karla Q Leon and I’m a freelance make-up artist and hairstylist. I moved to London earlier this year, leaving Belgium to grow as an artist, meet new people and try different things.

One day I will be doing a commercial and the other a short movie or an editorial and my make-up can go from really simple and glowy to really creative and colourful.

Here in London everything goes so fast, so sometimes I get to do two jobs in one day and I love it.

I was born in Ecuador and you can really see the influence of the colourful streets in my work.

Also in my culture, we women take pride in how we look and how we take care of ourselves. Always trying to look our best for the weekly family gathering, looking fierce from head to toe.

I got into make-up and hair when I was a teen, making my own weaves and trying new things.

Watching music videos of the 90’ and 00’, I would try to recreate the looks; one day I would go emo and the other very glam.

Getting ready to go out always took me hours because I really enjoyed doing my own hair or my friend’s hair and their make-up too. The full look really mattered to me; the clothing had to be perfect and match with the hair and make-up.

Not only going out but also for school, I would wake up really early and get ready. So most people around me knew that I should end up working in fashion. It took me a bit longer to realise that that was what made me happy. Make-up school taught me the basics and the rest I taught myself – I’m always learning on the job too.

My style is very natural looking but really glowy and bold colours on the eyes. In order to keep my clients happy, I always try to mix their own style with mine.

I’m really happy that I found what I love to do the most and love every single second of it. To see my work, you can always go check my website or keep up with me on my Instagram account.

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