Life Mazi

Hi my name’s Life Mazi, I’m 22 and I’m a writer.

After three years of studying English and Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths UoL, I have gone on to have several articles published in an online health magazine, and have published my first poetry collection called w h i s p e r.

I now dabble in some freelance writing and editing.

I aim to publish at least two more poetry collections and a short story collection, by the end of the year. All concerning topics of mental health, love, pain and growth, through the eyes of a first generation Middle Eastern woman.

My objective is simple – I aim to give a voice to the voiceless, whilst finding my own one along the way.

Check out to see more @lifemazi.writes of what I do 

Excerpt from Eartha’s Gospel by Life Mazi

Let me wash you, my lady.

Rest while I run the bath

Until the steam hugs the walls and

Invites you into itself with comfort and warmth.

Breathe deeply as I undress the tension

You never even knew you had

—Simply by being born a woman.

Allow yourself to moan with genuine


As I massage and heal your skin

From the lashes of gazes

That wound your being.

Frankie Atkinson

Hello, I’m Frankie. I’m a 23-year-old ceramic artist living in and around London.

Last year I graduated from Chelsea College of Art with a degree in Textile Design, specialising in print design.

I loved the ‘hands on’ side of screen printing and really enjoyed the productive aspect of my degree.

From the moment I tried the ceramic workshops at my university, my love for ceramics has grown and developed and I now want to pursue a ceramic freelance career.

My main inspiration is my grandfather. After retiring, he decided to go back to university in Sydney to study ceramics and became a much loved tutor for many years.

I grew up seeing all his wonderful and intricate works. I always found it puzzling that he could create such thin, detailed porcelain vases. I’m now striving to learn to do the same.

My Grandfather’s vases

After visiting Venice at the end of last year, I was really inspired by the marino glasswork I saw there. I am starting to incorporate these famous Italian patterns into my work.

I use slip and hand paint onto my bowls, then glaze after the bisque firing to get a glossy finish.

I’ve spent the past year going to evening classes at Lewisham Art House and helping in the studio, in return for free sessions on the wheel. I’m hoping to get my own studio soon where I can invest more time into my practice.

For my next projects, I am hoping to collaborate with a few of my artistic friends, and hopefully develop my work into sculptural pieces. You can follow my progress @frankieceramics