Freelancer of the Month - 20th February 2019

Juju Sheikh and Jamie Murray

Juju Sheikh

Hi, my name’s Juju, I’m 22 and I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Online Coach based in London.

I started going to the gym when I was 16 and haven’t looked back since.

To start with, let’s just say I don’t have the most favourable genes for an athletic figure. I had always been a bit chubby. Fat does not simply melt off of me as it does for some. This meant that I truly had to work EXTRA hard to get the results I wanted.

I went through a lot of trial and error, emotional ups and downs, fad diets, fad workouts – all of it.

6 years later, I can safely say that I have figured out what works and what doesn’t. One thing is for sure – hard work and motivation are absolutely necessary!

My fitness journey has inspired me to help others. I remember looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I saw. I knew what I wanted to look like, but I didn’t have the right information or help to get there…ENTER JUJU!

I started The Glow Group in order to help others achieve the results they want.

If you’re a newbie to fitness, unsure of what you’re doing, or just want someone to give you an extra push, I am your girl.

I work in a very results-oriented way, but still believe it is vital to have FUN with working out. If we aren’t seeing results, something is off and needs to be changed.

I want to help people become more confident in mind and body, and have fun along the way!

Becoming a Freelance Personal Trainer was a scary step for me, but I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and did it.

Being able to help people become more confident, and educate them on looking after their bodies in the right way, is so rewarding.

The feeling of having a small positive impact on other people’s lives is great, and I hope I can help as many people as possible to make positive changes!

Jamie Murray

I’m Jamie Murray, I’m 24 and I’m a Creative Strategist as my day job and DJ and Editor of GOBBLEDYGOOK Magazine (@gobbledygookmag), as a freelance side-hustle.

Why I started the Magazine

In January 2018, I decided to launch my own magazine to explore the complex world of identity in the modern era. It came about after my own mini ‘identity crisis’ and general feeling of disillusionment with the world.

I now realise that this wasn’t at all unusual and something a lot of my friends are seemingly all going through. I thought that it was a topic people wanted to learn more about and I wanted to create something that would help them better understand how they fit into the world.

I decided to call it GOBBLEDYGOOK, based off this insight. The name itself is defined as ‘language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of technical terms’.

It wasn’t something I had thought about doing for long, and I have no previous experience in publishing. All I knew was that I had an amazing, talented and creative network of friends whose work I wanted to showcase.

I also enjoy ‘tactility’ – books, vinyl, printed magazines – and wanted to create something that was strictly ‘offline’. I started reaching out to other magazines that I liked and getting in contact with their designers and editors. Before long I had a mini design-team who took care of all the technical side of things.

I put together a creative brief and sent it out to them all. In June 2018 we launched and eventually sold out every copy.

Why I started my Club Night

When I was at Uni the nightlife options were slim. Once or twice a month there would be a good night on but the majority of my social life was spent stumbling around bars with sticky floors, cheesy music and liver-rotting drink deals (you could get 3 doubles for £6).

Don’t get me wrong, I had many a good night with my friends and remember those days fondly. However, it was getting pretty old pretty quickly. I wanted to go to nights where I actually enjoyed the music and didn’t have to rely on alcohol to have a good time. I have always been drawn to the idea of promoting, playing the music I loved and throwing all my mates a party.

Over the course of first term, I saved up, bought myself some decks, taught myself to DJ and, in second term of second year, I threw my first party. The night was called General Gyro’s Sound System (@generalgyrouk).

Our first venue was called FishTank, and was above a fish and chip shop. No one knew the venue and the only nights they held were rock nights for the locals. We had some incredible parties there, which were, to this day, some of the best I’ve ever been to. It had a house party vibe and was very intimate.

Our crowds were amazing and we soon started to build a reputation and started selling out fast. We threw a boat party in summer and managed to sell out in 3 seconds.

Fast forward two years and we moved into a venue four times the size and we were the fastest selling night in the Uni. I was lucky enough to book some of my hero’s and had some of the best years of my life.

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