Freelancer of the Month - 16th January 2019

Milo Max Burgess and Sofi Lee-Henson


My name is Milo Max Burgess (@whoismilomax). I’m an artist, model and musician.

I studied a variety of different art forms at Central Saint Martins before specialising in painting. For my degree show I made a series of hand-sewn textile canvases exploring themes of race, gender and class and how our ideas of the three categorisations have developed over time. One method I used to demonstrate this was to make my own lenticular frames. After selling two pieces in my final exhibition, I was commissioned by GX Gallery to make three more lenticular portraits for their student exhibition ‘FLOCK’ in 2017. They also represented me for that year.

I spent the next year mainly modelling, working for companies like ASOS, New Look and Harvey Nichols, as well as walking in London Fashion Week for a couple of seasons.

Now I alternate between different things: still painting but mainly using oil and watercolours. I currently have some of my watercolours on display at Queens Park Café and have taken part in various exhibitions including the Barbican Centre and St. Martins in the Fields, Crypt gallery.

After being rejected by a few contemporary galleries I decided to set up my own eCommerce website (@milomaxart). Here my original artworks are available to buy, along with prints, T-shirts (wearable art / screen-prints), skate decks and more.

I also play guitar in my band ‘Bisou Noir’ (@bisounoir). We have just released our first single ‘Showdown’, which is available on all major platforms and we have lots of gigs coming up including Brixton Jam and The Hope & Anchor, Islington. I like the balance of music with art and feel they complement each other very well. One day I might be writing a new song the next I’m in the studio painting or screen printing. When you get stuck on one thing you can usually pick up where you left off with the other.

I think if you’re a creative person it’s important to express yourself through different mediums. It’s an extremely competitive industry and there aren’t a huge amount of jobs available (especially well paid ones). You should do it because you love it! I have only just began my journey and still have lots to learn, but I would rather do something I love than spend every day in a suit.


My name is Sofi Lee-Henson: I am a Central Saint Martins graduate in Graphic Design with interaction, founder of XNN: experiential design company and freelance brain surgeon with Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement.

“Freelance brain surgeon?” I hear you say – Yes! Neural Enhancement with Dr Leon. A pseudo surgical, ultra relaxing installation that started off at Secret Cinema, and is still going strong today. Think sci-fi video game, meets life coach, meets head massage.

I’ve always been inspired by science fiction. We are living in a bizarre world where this fiction is becoming reality and that’s the sweet spot we are aiming our love and attention towards in experiential events.

My work pushes theatre and experiences into new territories and opens up the audiences of immersive arts.

My main focus centres around mental health and wellbeing, dissecting how body language affects the way we think, and vice versa. By separating these two things, and bringing awareness to the control we can assert on ourselves, we become better.

The current aim is to look into establishing ourselves in a holistic treatment centre, shoulder to shoulder with life coaches, councillors, masseurs, and crystal healers.

We champion the freelancers and every entrepreneur who took a leap of faith with their idea.

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