Freelancer of the Month - 11th January 2019

Jacob Holroyd and Charlie Woodward


My name is Jacob Holroyd and I am a singer and a songwriter.

I have always found music to be a source of escapism in my life. There is something so comforting and reassuring about the way certain records can take you away for awhile and provide you with peace of mind. The acts of creating, playing and listening to music bring me salvation and I remind myself to never take that for granted.

In 2018, I released three singles: Gold Strings, Maybe I and Daydream. I was fortunate enough to record Daydream, my most recent single, in Hoxa Headquarters in London with Chris Alderton from the rock band The Amazons. The studio is home to an abundance of vintage recording equipment which really embellished the warm, nostalgic tone of the recording we had set out to achieve. I will be returning to Hoxa HQ in February to record my forthcoming single, set for release in Spring of this year.

Also in February, the 24th to be exact, I am performing at The Surf Café in Tynemouth. I played at this venue in October 2018 in what was one of my favourite gigs of the year. I love the venue’s charming, quirky character and the crowd were wonderful and very receptive, so to be returning next month is really exciting.

I cannot wait to release new music soon, but until then you can stream my latest single ‘Daydream’ on Soundcloud: 


My name is Charlie Woodward, I am 18 years old, I live in Reading, and I am a photographer.

Ever since I was young I always loved making YouTube videos and filming really rubbish film trailers on my iPad. I used to watch a lot of Vloggers such as Roman Atwood and CTFxC and that really inspired me to make more videos. I knew I’d become a big YouTuber when I actually got the chance to meet Roman in 2018.

I slowly drifted out of the YouTube phase last year and my passion for photography and cinematography really started to grow.

I’ve got to work with some incredible people over the past year that I never thought I would have. KSI is probably the biggest name I’ve been lucky enough to work with and for me it was wicked to be able to share my work with millions across social media and YouTube.

I love travelling and landscape photography. My favourite place I’ve managed to photograph so far has to be Iceland or New York. Both are places i’ll never forget and have me the most amazing photo opportunities – I will definitely be returning!

As for 2019, I will be focussing my work on music. Gigs, tours and festivals mainly.

My first job directing a music video will be out very soon, so stay tuned. You can see more of my work over on my website

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