Freelancer of the Month - 23rd January 2019

Harriet Brown and Alex Woodward

Harriet Brown:

My Name is Harriet Brown. I am a photographer from London, living in Brighton.

I started shooting in April of 2016, when a brand called Flying Vinyl took a chance on three nerdy teenagers. They let us come and film their debut festival, at a venue called Shapes in Hackney Wick, and that was when my freelance career really took off.

Even though I started in videography, I very quickly moved over to taking stills. I enjoyed the instant nature of being able to go from concept to final product so quickly.

After I made the transition to photography, I started shooting small gigs around London. Slowly I began to develop my own style, figuring out what I liked in photos and what I wanted my photos to say.

In October of 2017, I went on my first tour with a band called Black Honey, when they supported Royal Blood. Since then, I have been working with the band pretty consistently.

Being able to grow and develop my craft in such a collaborative way, with an ongoing subject matter, has really given me the opportunity to experiment with my photos.

Generally, I’m drawn to photographing concerts, live events and candid moments over studio and fashion shoots, that are more staged.

Catching genuine moments in real time, to me, is a very special thing and possibly what I love most about my job.

Recently, I’ve started shooting on 35mm film more. It’s forced me to go back and relearn a lot of the photography basics that shooting digital means I’m able to take for granted a little more.

This experimentation with a new medium within photography has helped me really hone in my stylistic preferences and understand my craft in greater depth.

I love movement, strange angles and sunshine. You’ll usually find me laying on my stomach, in a field, at a festival, to get as much sky in my photos as possible.

For anyone that hasn’t seen my work, I would describe it as a constantly changing clash of 70s and 90s colour pallets, with lots of grain and soft edges.

Have a look at more of my work on my website, or my Instagram.

Alex Woodward:

My name is Alex Woodward, I’m 22 and I’m a drummer.

“Music is the universal language of mankind”, a quote by Henry Wadsworth that has always resonated with me.

From a young age I showed an interest in playing the drums. From picking up wooden spoons and tapping them all over the kitchen, to hitting pencils on the table at school. Drumming is something I’ve always been interested in.

I’ve currently been playing for 14 years and have been able to achieve dreams I’ve had since my youth.

In 2018, I joined the great guys (and gal) in Saltwater Sun, to play Reading and Leeds festival. I’ll be returning to the band to do a run of live shows this summer, playing percussion.

2017 was also pretty magical. Twin Sun, a project I had only joined shortly prior, had the privilege of playing Glastonbury festival for a last minute set. This is something I certainly won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Going back to 2015/2016 – me and the great guys in HAIZE had a healthy number of live shows under our belt, having played up and down the UK supporting the likes of The Amazons, Sundara Karma, Genghar, Spring King, Clean Cut Kid, Flyte and The Magic Gang, to name a few. The experience of all these shows really helped me develop an onstage persona.

At present, I’m furthering my musical education studying at BIMM, Brighton, under the amazing guidance of the tutors we have, especially in the drum department.

I play the drums for ‘Isla North’ ( (soon to be just Isla).

Me and the guys started playing together about a year ago and released a debut EP ‘Boundaries’ in late 2018. We have a few up and coming live shows – 24th of January in Reading, at the Purple Turtle, and the 30th of January in Brighton, at the Prince Albert.

Growing up in Reading myself, the Purple Turtle holds a dear place in my heart. To be able to play there always gives me a nostalgic feeling of lost nights and loud music.

Isla North are writing new material and looking to be in the studio within the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled! Check out our debut EP on Spotify.

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