Freelancer of the Month - 5th December 2018

Tafadzwa Muchenje and Elin Edwards

Tafadzwa Muchenje:

My name is Tafadzwa Muchenje, and I am an actor.

I am just off the back of a sell-out UK tour with award-winning SBC Theatre where was the lead performer for their new show Where We Began.

I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, and am local to South East London. Having not being able to finish University due to immigration issues, I met with SBC, the first UK Theatre of Sanctuary. I talked with the founders about my experience within the immigration system. From this, SBC decided that their next story was to be inspired by my story. Two years in the making, R&D showcases and after countless tinkering, alongside SBC we have just finished our UK tour spanning over 3 months, 24 performances, and 14 towns and cities across the country.

This is only the beginning of my career as I aim to grow as an actor and performer and continue developing with my other creative endeavours. I know what potential I have and hope to create and work at a high level with more future projects in the near future.


Elin Edwards:

My name is Elin Edwards and I write and perform music as Thallo.

I was raised in North Wales, in a valley framed with Snowdonia’s mountains, overlooking rugged fields and the coast. I moved to London to study music at Goldsmiths, where I met amazing musicians and started developing my sound.

I write in both Welsh and English. My aim is to create a rich, expressive sound between my voice and the band in intricate arrangements. My debut EP, ‘Nhw’, explores this sound. This EP uses storytelling from the perspective of various ancient folklore characters in their experiences, whilst blending in my own as well. It’s lyrically dark, but it was interesting to write. It’s easy writing about other people’s experiences, but being raw, honest and personal is what I find daunting. That’s why I’m currently working on developing my writing style. My new songs are more open and direct. I believe it’s important to embrace the things you fear. Otherwise, you’re writing comfortable songs and where’s the fun in that?

Check out our live session for brand new tune ‘Boddi’.


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